Maria Sharapova shocked the world when she revealed she failed a drugs test at the Australian Open.

However, the former number one tennis player isn’t the only iconic athlete to adopt this shameful behaviour.

Over the years, there have been a whole host of sportsmen and women caught using a variety of drugs to secure success.

You may be aware that some of the following athletes have dabbled in foul play however, there are certain individuals on this list you would never expect to get caught doping.

Prepare yourselves, you are in for a shock…

Lance Armstrong

Lance wins

Seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong admitted to using performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career, using them to cheat and win all of his Tour de France titles.  

Martina Hingis


This tennis superstar tested positive for cocaine in Wimbledon 2007. Consequently, she received a two year ban, but decided to quit the sport altogether. She made a comeback in 2013 playing doubles however, it was no match for her glory days.