The 1980’s saw the rise of athletes becoming professional athletes and actually making a living out of doing the sport they love.

Now that they are enjoying retirement, it’s always interesting to see what they are doing now.

So here’s what happened to some of your favourite 1980’s sporting icons.


Shaquille O’Neal Then

SAN ANTONIO - MARCH 2:  Shaquille O''Neal #33 of the Cole High School Cougars talks to the media after a game.  (Photo by Bob Daemrich/Getty Images)

Here’s a picture of O’Neal after playing for LSU college team in 1989.

Shaquille O’Neal Now


The Shaq was drafted in 1992 and enjoyed an incredible 19 year career in the NBA.

Thanks to his career in the sport, O’Neal is worth an estimated $350 million.