For FIFA 16 fans out there, being the best player out of all your mates is a huge achievement, but how about being the best console player in the world?

The FIFA Interactive World Cup sees the 32 best players of the game come together in a three-day event to battle it out in a bid to be crowned world champion, yes,  we are not making this up!

With five players representing the UK, the odds of a Brit winning the tournament were high, England’s Sean Allen made the final but was the victim of the most dramatic end to a World Cup final ever.

"NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 21: Grand Finalists of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 visit New York downtown on March 21, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)"

Allen (playing as Brazil) faced Mohamad Al-Bacha from Denmark (playing as France) in the final at New York City’s Apollo Theatre.

In the two-legged final,  Al-Bacha’s France and Allen’s Brazil were level at 2-2  after the first game with the Englishman having the advantage with his two away goals.

However, this would all change in the second leg as Allen dominated, and thanks to goals from Neymar and Hulk, with just 15 minutes to go lead 3-1 (5-3 on aggregate).


But before Allen could be crowned the second Brit to win the trophy, Al-Bacha had other ideas as he changed to an attacking formation, which paid off as he scored two goals in injury time to draw the game 3-3 and 5-5 on aggregate.

But because Al-Bacha was playing on Allen’s preferred Xbox console, Al-Bacha claimed the victory on the away goals rule.

Scoring two goals in last five minutes of a real game is a tough ask but to score in ‘FIFA’ time is a huge feat.

Al-Bacha couldn’t believe what he had done as he celebrated with friends, as a distraught Allen looked on.


New York City’s David Villa was on hand to award Al-Bacha with the trophy.

The win means Al-Bacha secures an invitation to next year’s Ballon d’Or award ceremony and a cool $20,000 cheque.

Watch the moment Al-Bacha wins in injury time, thanks to a goal from Antoin Griezmann.

Video courtesy of FIFATV.