Ajax, Barcelona and Dutch legend Johan Cruyff has died aged 68, after his brief but hard fought battle with cancer.

Dubbed ‘The Father of Modern Football’, Cruyff had a glittering career which saw him win three Ballon d’Or trophies in the 1970’s.

As a player he is remembered for famously being the inventor of a feint, later named the ‘Cruyff turn’, which he used to trick his opponent when dribbling.

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Although the skill is deemed a necessity by any modern day player today, in 1974 when the Dutchman first used the feint at the FIFA World Cup, the trick had the equivalent of a Neymar-esque skill.

The player who later managed both Ajax and Barcelona was a heavy smoker once he retired, and it is thought his smoking habit was the reason he was diagnosed with lung cancer in October 2015.

The Dutchman is said to have died peacefully in Barcelona surrounded by his family.