UFC champion  Conor McGregor made a full U-Turn last night after he announced that he hasn’t retired from fighting after all.

On Wednesday, McGregor had announced that he was retiring young and would not be fighting again, but returned to social media almost 24 hours later to post a 651-word rant to claim he hasn’t quit.

The Notorious MMA fighter was reportedly pulled from the upcoming UFC200 event for failing to commit to promotional responsibilities in Las Vegas.


Many believe it was that decision that prompted the Irishman to make the first shocking announcement.

After nearly 24 hours of silence, McGregor returned to social media and posted his true feelings in an explicit post claiming for the record: “I AM NOT RETIRED.”


The post undoubtedly leaves UFC President Dana White in a difficult situation, on one side he has the rules and regulations and on the other he has Conor McGregor who has almost single handedly made the UFC what it is today.

With fans worldwide begging Conor to be reinstated, we await the next installment.

Your move, Dana.

See McGregor’s full rant here.