13. AJ Lee



Where to begin with AJ Lee, former longest reining Divas Champion until Nikki Bella took that away. Like Trish Stratus and Lita before her she left her mark in the WWE.

She had charm, the looks, the luchador style, great character, great mic skills. Regardless as a face or a heel she was loved by the fans.

The way the Women’s division is in now (So much better) if we saw her return lets just say adding AJ Lee into the mix of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch that would be one hell of a good pot to stir.

12. John Morrison


The Shaman of Sexy, is a 6 time Tag Team champion not to mention a three time Intercontinental Champion and a one time ECW Champion to his credentials in the WWE.
Although his momentum slowed due to lack of character development.
Since his departure in 2011, Morrison or as he is now know as Johnny Mundo has found success in Lucha Underground where is his currently Champion.