Coming out as a homosexual doesn’t have the stigma it used to, and rightly so.

However, in professional sport it seems that athletes both men and women are still worried about the thoughts of others when it comes to their sexuality.

Don’t get me wrong, people are 100% entitled to their own personal lives but these 15 pro athletes came out after they retired.

Most of them waited post-career as they were scared about the repercussions of their announcement.

We bet you didn’t know these 15 professional athletes were gay.

Darren Young

13-4 (1)

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Young announced in August 2013 that he was gay and became the first ever contracted gay wrestler in the WWE.

Young has received huge support from the WWE and his fellow wrestlers ever since the announcement.

Michael Sam


Sam became the first openly gay NFL player to be drafted in 2014, when St. Louis Rams picked him in the seventh round.

Unfortunately his career in the NFL never took off and he joined Montreal Alouettes in the Canadian Football League last year.