Not all super stars haven’t always been pro wrestlers.

Some have played American football or have been bodybuilders.

We are going to look at those who have made the jump from the Gridiron to the Squared circle.

Here are 15 wrestlers who have played in either the National Football League or the Canadian Football Leagues before appearing in the squared circle.

15. Goldberg



Before setting foot inside a wrestling ring, Bill Goldberg had a 5 year American Football career. Having played football for the University of Georgia Bulldogs, he was then drafted in 1990 in the 11th Round by the Los Angeles Rams as a Defensive Tackle.

He made his first start in the NFL for the Atlanta Flacons (1993-1994) in 14 games for the Falcons he started only one and recored 11 tackles before heading to pro wrestling in 1996.

14. The Rock

The Rock

Holding a degree in Criminology and Physiology from the University of Miami in 1995.  After Graduating he joined the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League as a Linebacker, sadly being cut from the roster two months into the CFL season.

He then began training to become a professional wrestler and the rest is history collecting numerous titles along the way in WWE. You can see why he is’ The most electrifying man in sports entertainment.’