13. Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has made five appearances at WrestleMania, in IV-V he actually owned the venue and in WrestleMania VII and XX he was interviewed back stage.

His last appearance was in ‘The Battle Of The Billionaires’ where he faced Vince McMahon, Trump chose Bobby Lashley to represent him in a fight against McMahon’s Umaga.

The stipulation of the match was whichever billionaire lost he would have his head shaved.

Lashley won the match defeating Umaga which meant Vince’s head got shaved bald.

12. Muhammad Ali

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The People’s Champ (used well before The Rock coined the nick name) refereed the main event of WrestleMania I which saw the team of ┬áHulk Hogan and Mr. T take on’ Rowdy’ Roddy Piper and ‘ Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndoff.

Ali took great great pleasure in announcing Hogan and Mr. T as the victors.