14. Brock Lesnar’s Shooting Star Press – WrestleMania XIX

brock SSP

Our next entry comes from a great match that saw ‘The Next Big Thing’ square off against ‘The Olympic Gold Medalist’ at WrestleMania XIX.

In what was a constant back and forth match, the OMG! moment came as Lesnar climbed the top turnbuckle and attempted to land a Shooting Star Press.

Unfortunately for Lesnar he miscalculated the space between and landed on his head concussing himself.

13. Edge Spear Jeff Hardy – WrestleMania X-Seven

edge spear - Hardy

In what was dubbed ‘TLC II’ , Edge and Christian v The Hardy Boyz v The Dudley Boyz was the stand-out match at WrestleMani X-Seven.

There were main high risk moments in the match but the first of three OMG! moments from this match was Jeff Hardy holding onto the belts after the ladder was pushed away by Bubba Ray.

Edge then climbed a bigger ladder and speared Jeff Hardy to the ground.