Not everyone can have a career like The Rock or John Cena, there are some wrestlers who just can’t cut the fame and hype.

Whether it’s a lack of in-ring skills or out of ring mistakes, some wrestlers have failed to live up to the hype.

Here’s 15 WWE wrestlers who were given a huge contract but have ultimately failed.

15. Ahmed Johnson


Debuting in the WWE in 1995, Ahmed had the potential to be a top superstar but despite winning at Survivor Series and winning the Intercontinental Championship in 1996, his career took a nose dive.


An injury in his match with Farooq started his downfall and was signed by WCW in 1999 but was soon released in 2000 with ongoing weight issues.

14. Bobby Lashley

bobby lashley

Lashley was dominant during his arrival in the WWE as he went on an undefeated streak from most of 2005 to February of 2006 suffering his first loss to John Bradshaw Layfield at No Way Out.

During Lashley’s time in the WWE he was apart of ‘Battle Of The Billionaires’ at WrestleMania 22 winning the match for Donal Trump as well as capturing the United States title and a two time ECW champion.

Despite having great athletic talent, he wasn’t that exciting to see in the ring as the fans never got behind him properly as he too suffered from injuries which halted his pushes he received.