Shamed Tennis star Maria Sharapova has been told that she may never return to the sport, despite only being handed a suspension.

The former world number one and Wimbledon champion is still waiting to hear the full extent of her punishment, but president of the Russian Tennis Federation, Shamil Tarpiscchev believes her return is ‘very doubtful’.

In a brief interview for R-Sport news agency, Tarpishchev also said he feels the five-time Grand Slam winner is in a ‘bad situation’.


Sharapova, 29, tested positive for meldonium during the first Grand slam of the year in Melbourne, Australia.

Despite saying in March that she wishes to play again, it seems that depending on the length of the ban, the highest paid sportswoman in the world might not compete again.

The International Tennis Federation are still to decide on the ban, which could range from six months to four years.

Experts believe that a shorter sentence is more likely but the deliberation of the announcement will worry Sharapova.