When in any entertainment industry it’s all about the character you are portraying as Stanislavsky once said ‘There is no such thing as small parts. Only small actors.’

Over the years WWE have taken some of their wrestlers to the next level by giving them a gimmick, some have worked and some haven’t.

Here is a list of 15 worst gimmicks we have seen come and go in the WWE.

15. The Goon


During his run in the WWE, Bill Irwin portrayed a hockey goon character that was said to have been kicked out of every league he was ever in due to his love of fighting.

He debuted in 1996 on an episode of Superstars however, his gimmick didn’t take off with anyone and he left shortly afterwards.

The Goon was not see again until WrestleMania X-Seven competing in the gimmick Battle Royal, his final appearance was in 2007 on RAW’s 15th anniversary competing again in a Battle Royal.

14. Akeem


Repackaged from his ‘One man gang’,  Akeem The African Dream shocked everyone with his debut entrance with a group dressed as African dancers, before speaking in a stereotypical African accent.

He even formed a tag team with Big Boss Man known as The Twin Towers but that didn’t even help him. He then went to WCW and reverted back to his One Man Gang gimmick.