Nothing gets a reaction quite like a chant from the fans.

Positive or negative it certainly gets the wrestlers going and the fans to.

Here is 15 chants from the fans in the WWE.


15. Lets go Cena – Cena SucksĀ 


This chant has followed John Cena since 2005 . With those that are fans of Cena chant ‘Lets go Cena’ and those that do chant back ‘Cena Sucks.’

Love him or hate him, it still doesn’t stop him kicking out at two and being a 15-time world champion.

14. CM Punk Chant

CM Punk chant

The CM Punk chant has really blown up since Punk Left in 2014. This chant can be heard from every WWE audience, to the point now where Vince just accepts it as he has realised he can’t silence the WWE Universe from chanting it.

At WWE Roadblock 2016, The CM Punk chant could be heard throughout the arena and I am pretty sure the whole state of Chicago.