As mentioned before, the WWE Universe loves merchandise in order to show support for their favourite superstars.

The T-shirt market in particular is a major area for the WWE to make the most of a fan’s support.

Many wrestlers actually have merchandise sales written into their contracts, so it is as important to them as it is the company that they have a cool t-shirt.

Here is a list of 15 most bad-ass T-shirts in wrestling.


15. Are You Serious Bro?

Are You Serious Bro

When Ryder was king of the internet with his brief moment of popularity, he decided to release a T-shirt, playing off the Jersey Shore gimmick he had going for him.

The shirt featured Ryder’s spikey hair, with his Browski sweat band and sunglasses.

It even had a little QR code that you could scan with your smart phone, the code would send you to his YouTube channel, talk about promotion within a promotion.

14. Arrive. RAISE HELL. Leave

Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave

Plain and straight to the point, this T-shirt represents Stone Cold Steve Austin in so many ways.

If you was to some up your average Steve Austin performance, it would be exactly this.