WWE fans will be aware of Lucha Libre thanks to the success of Rey Mysterio but he’s not the only successful masked wrestler in the business.

Mexico’s Lucha Libre is one of the biggest promotions in the world with Japan’s stiff wrestling also a huge hit in Asia.

Here’s a list of the greatest 17 masked wrestlers ever.

17. Masked Superstar/Ax


Bill Eadie’s gimmick of an Olympic wrestling champion allowed him to go on a hug run which included winning the GWC heavyweight title four times.

He would continue to find success covering his face as Ax in Demolition. This duo would set the record for longest WWE Tag Champions with a whopping 478 day reign

16. La Parka


La Parka was the most unique of WCW’s Mexican imports, he was less of a high flyer and also had a comical side.

He was known as the ‘Chairman of WCW’ and played air guitar while dressed like Skeletor.