There was a fitting tribute on Memorial day at The Safeco Field for the Steattle Mariners game against the San Diego Padres as the Mariners had themselves a special guest pitcher.

92 year old WWII veteran Burke Waldron started the game off with a pitch to remember.

Burke Waldron began his service to the military quite a few years back in 1943, meaning he got to serve during Pearl Harbour. After that he retired in 1946 as a petty officer, 2nd class.

You have to admit he throws a lot better than any of us could ever dream of, we can’t even throw a paper ball in the rubbish bin!

After this pitch, Burke requested to meet the Mariner’s coach and playing legend Edgar Martinez, a meeting between two heroes of their own professions that summed up the Mariners’ 9-3 against San Diego.

burke edgar

You can watch the incredible pitch below, courtesy of MLB Youtube channel.