The gripping tension of tennis is one to enjoy, whilst watching with its rapid movements and the referee’s high chair that puts a baby’s chair to utter shame.

There is always one thing that completely puts me off and that is the over exaggerated noises players make after every hit they make.

They sound like they’re moving a sofa from the local charity shop and trying to fit it in a Vauxhall Corsa. This Prostejov Challenger match between Robin Haase and Gonzalo Lama does offer something hilarious.

During the heated match, Lama does sound like he’s having a heart attack after every hit as his noises seem to get louder per hit, but Haase had something on his mind…

As the round continues, Haase saw the funny side of these questionable noises and thought he’d recreate these sounds as they seem to kill the silence after every hit.

The referee didn’t see the funny side to this at all, and therefore gave the decision to remove a point from Haase for “hindrance”. It makes you think considering Lama’s noises could be doing the same to Haase.

Give the video a click and tell us what you think.