WWE are always looking for the next big star, someone they can mould into a crowd pleasure and a future champion.

Most of the time their creative team have full control over a wrestler’s perception and overall personality, but unfortunately they get it wrong and end up ruining careers.

Here’s 15 time the WWE failed their superstars creatively.

15. Brodus Clay

Brodus Clay

Brodus had the potential to be a monster heel on the main roster. Being Alberto Del Rio’s bodyguard, allowed us to see his potential as a lead, thanks to his size and power.

Instead what we got was an awful gimmick that had Brodus hailing from Planet Funk and having two cheerleaders.

To add salt into the wounds, the creative team even had him forming a tag team with Tensai (Albert).

14. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes

Son of Hall Of Famer the late great Dusty Rhodes, Cody jumped onto the scene in 2007.

After briefly feuding with Randy Orton, Rhodes formed a partnership with Hardcore Holly, they even won the tag titles together.

Cody had great potential, from ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes to Stardust, he made those gimmicks work with the fans.

But unfortunately after becoming ‘Stardust’, he asked for his released from the company in May 2016 due to a disagreement with the creative team.