13. Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel

Another offspring of a Hall of Famer, originally Michael McGuillicutty was repacked as Curtis Axel in 2013.

He won the Intercontinental Championship in a triple threat at payback, a title he would defend a number of times, reining as champion for 155 days.

After losing his title to Big E, it seemed the Creatives didn’t know what to do with him and went on to become a jobber even RYBAXEL (Ryback & Axel) didn’t do anything for him. He is now in the social outcasts.

12. Damien Sandow 

Damien Sandow

WWE just couldn’t get it going with Damien Sandow. Debuting as Idol Stevens in 2007 as one of Michelle McCool’s ‘pets’ he was later released that same year.

He re emerged again on the main roster in 2012, under the name Damien Sandow with the gimmick of an intellectual saviour and a type of mosses character. With the help of HHH, Brian James (Road Dogg) and others to shape the character, things were looking up.

Eventually WWE lost interest in Sandow as up until his departure he was used as a mid card jobber with his last pushes were winning Money In The Bank,  Miz’s  stunt double (which gained mass popularity) and nearly winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Mania 31.