11. Derrick Bateman 


Appearing in NXT’s season four and five, Bateman began to turn heel in season 5.

Bateman only wrestled on the main roster once and that was in a losing effort to Ryback on Smackdown. He was mainly on NXT and feuded with the likes of Titus O’Neil and Johnny Curtis (Fandango).

10. Deuce 


Arriving on the main roster back in 2007 as member of a 50s greaser gimmick called Deuce n Domino, Deuce defeated his own father in a tag match pinning Jimmy Snuka after hitting him with his own finisher.

He was then drafted to RAW in 2008 as apart of the supplement draft where he began using his real name Sim Snuka after revealing who his dad was.

He attempted to join Randy Orton’s group Legacy but was unsuccessful after he was informed that because Cody Rhodes got the pin in their eight man tag match, Cody would be joining the group.

His final appearance in WWE was as a cameraman during Taker v Michaels at mania 25 where he failed to catch Taker after a suicide dive to the outside.