Video replays in football have been a main talking point for several years now in order to prevent major controversial decisions by the referee.

There’s always that one person in every bar on a Saturday night that complains at a decision when it goes against their team.

Major League Soccer and A League will be trialling the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) to help develop and test run this project for 2 years until a decision is made in 2018 or 2019.

Germany’s Bundesliga and Brazil’s Campeonato Brasilerio will also take part. But just imagine VAR stopping moments like this from happening!


It could be a revolutionary step for football after it was forwarded in March by the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

These tests won’t be starting officially until 2017, at the moment only offline test rehearsals are being used in order to experiment with the new technology.

The VAR will be an extra referee who takes control of a debatable incident through multiple camera angles in order to alert and help the main referee make decisions.

It’s nice to know that inaccurate refereeing decisions involving goals, fouls and red cards could finally have some clarity to make the beautiful game fair. We definitely don’t want another Maradona or Henry!

Maybe it can give the divers on the pitch a swift kick up the backside and stop them from eating the astroturf to win a free kick.

FIFA have shown a guide to how VAR will work. Would you prefer something to happily vent about on pitch drama or something that instead makes the game a better place?