Popular sports have that spark of controversy, from a brawl on a rugby pitch to someone having their ear bitten off during a football match, we have seen it all.

Sports can be incredibly intense sometimes when it comes to rivalries between two teams.

One sport we didn’t expect to be controversial though is good old badminton.

A video has recently emerged on Reddit of two former teams battling against each other, despite the incident happening a few years ago.

It was at Canada’s open in British Columbia in 2013, the last place you’d ever expect a fight.

Bodin Issara and Maneepong Jongjit both caused quite a racket during the match. Tensions first rose after words were spoken to the umpire.

Issara immediately charged at Jongjit like a dog running after its neighbour’s cat. As Jongjit ran away he hit his opponent with his bat, causing a rather nasty cut on the side of Issara’s head.

Eventually both of them ended up on the floor with Issara flailing his fists into Jongjit.

Both of them served suspensions for the brawl, with Issara receiving five charges and Jongjit receiving three. The sports stars were suspended by the Badminton Association of Thailand.

It’s such a shame things went foul, especially as they teamed up with each other a year before for the London 2012 Olympics!


What was once an Olympic bromance has turned into Batman vs Superman, we hope they have made up and now spend their time together going shuttle cock shopping…