Major League Soccer has grown into an established league in the past decade by producing and attracting some of the best players in the world.

The European leagues used to be dominating when it came to football, so it’s about time the USA finally had a taste of these sensational players.

Since David Beckham’s high profile signing from Real Madrid to LA Galaxy in 2007, the MLS has slowly built up as the place to go.

With this superb growth of talent, lets see the big names in the MLS!

1. Kaka, Orlando City


Kaka is without a doubt the main attraction to the MLS as he carries the title of 2007 World FIFA Player Of The Year.

He’s played for European giants Real Madrid and AC Milan, and won awards for his league and international performances.

He’s made 92 appearances for Brazil scoring 29 goals as well as a current league total of 612 appearances and 190 goals… yeah he’s pretty important.