To really gain heat from the fans whether you’re a face or a heel, nothing gets under anyone’s skin more than trash talk.

Here is a list of 20 superstars who were brilliant on the mic when it came to cutting promos, sadly Roman Reigns does not make it onto the list.

As you’ll see, some of these WWE stars are more known for their promos rather than their actually performances in the ring.

20. Zeb Colter

Zeb Colter

In 2013, we saw Zeb Colter address patriotism and anti-immigration, in the process managing to insult the whole WWE universe in one promo.

He also managed to offend Glenn Beck of Fox News, when WWE extended an invitation to Beck to attend a RAW taping.

One thing is certain Zeb is a true patriot and isn’t afraid to tell you even, if it means offending everyone in the room.

19. Vince McMahon


You got no chance in hell, when Vince McMahon comes down to the ring and yells at you.

What he lacked  in wrestling he sure as hell made up for with mic skills.