The FIFA game series has been a constant name in video games since FIFA International Soccer was released in 1993, knocking Street Fighter II off the number one spot in the UK gaming charts.

These games have consistently performed well, with a new release every single year, as well as managing to bring some fresh faces into the gaming world.

However FIFA has struggled to convince non sport fans that it hasn’t just been the same game repackaged, so creators EA seem to have a point to prove.

In order to do this, EA uploaded a teaser trailer for their reveal date on the 12th June during their pre-E3 event.

The video shows brief snippets of all the games since the start of the series as it flashes forward to show the changes.

The Frostbite gaming engine, which was developed by EA for the Battlefield games,  is also introduced as a main change to the FIFA series.

The trailer is narrated by new Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and features FIFA 17 ambassadors James Rodriguez, Eden Hazard, Anthony Martial and Marco Reus.

EA’s point to this is that they do a lot more behind the scenes than just recycle the same game over and over.

With technology in gaming becoming more advanced by the minute it’s great to see this trailer making the effort to shut down the haters.

The introduction of female teams last year was a great step forward for FIFA despite it taking far too long to include in the series.

Could the reveal trailer just be a release date? It doesn’t seem so with the firm¬†effort to stand against the doubters.

What could be next, improvements on career mode? Euros 2016 extras? A special appearance from Sonic The Hedgehog?

Only time can tell as all we can do is wait, but in the mean time watch BCC Trolling’s FIFA funny video.