Throughout football matches the boards alongside of the pitch show more sponsors than Pele has scored goals.

It’s a fine moment when Kaka scores for Orlando City and you see a Subway sponsor that triggers your match time hunger.

However, there are plenty of occasions when things don’t turn out nicely.

alves sent off

Portugal player Bruno Alves decided to ditch the rules and pull off Mortal Kombat moves on England forward Harry Kane.

It was an innocent friendly match that had to have that one player misbehaving for no reason.

Harry Kane somehow came out of the game unharmed, giving the England team a sigh of relief.

Despite apologising for his actions Bruno Alves has been found guilty of dirty challenges during his career.

During the horrendous tackle, there is a sponsor placed nicely behind the footballers.

Portuguese liquor company Licor Beirao have given a proper apology to Harry Kane after “sponsoring” the tackle.

After they apologised for sponsoring the tackle, their video shows someone writing a letter to Kane.

The letter is another apology to the footballer that sees him receiving a free bottle for the accidental sponsor.

Licor Beirao want Kane to have a different taste of Portugal that would give him a “soft kick”. That way he won’t turn up to training with a nasty headache.

With Euro 2016 just over a day away, it would be wise for Kane to leave the bottle somewhere safe in his hotel room.

The drinking could go one of two ways; a drink to celebrate or to drown his sorrows depending on how well England do.

Let’s see how many footballers will be getting free alcohol after Bruno Alves returns from his suspension.