The Copa America Centenario has only just started and already it has been inundated with mistakes.

Fans have taken to social media to voice their disappointment in Adidas for making a huge spelling mistake in their latest promotional material.

The German sportswear giant spelt “Colombia” as “Columbia” in the posters that they rolled out in a bid to boost the brand in South America. Unfortunately, whoever is on the marketing team at Adidas didn’t clock on that “Columbia” is the U.S. district spelling, and is not the same in South America.

The posters, launched to coincide with Copa America, feature stars including Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez.

Users proceeded to post the images of the misspelt campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #ItsColombiaNotColumbia.

One Twitter user wrote: “Seriously, @adidasfootball – IT’S COLOMBIA, not Columbia! Colossal mistake for such a brand. Unacceptable”

Another said: “Someone please tell @Adidas that they misspelled Colombia in their entire campaign… #ItsColombiaNotColumbia.”

A spokeswoman for Adidas said: “We value our partnership with the Colombian Football Federation and apologise for our mistake. We removed these graphics and are quickly installing new versions.” She added that the mistake only happened in the U.S.


Not only was there this major spelling mistake, but fans at the stadium were already baffled when the Chilean national anthem was played whilst Uruguay lined up for their opening game against Mexico.

To make matters worse, Chile had their anthem rudely interrupted by a loud and unscheduled blast of Pitbull ahead of their first game against Argentina in California.

Colombia’s football team appears to have taken the controversy in its stride, and celebrated a 2-1 win against Portugal on Tuesday night which qualified them to progress to the Copa America quarter finals.