We all hate paying for football stadium prices. It’s an extortionate price to pay for an over-cooked steak pie.

With beer, there is the option of a good old fashioned pre-drinking session before you go to the match, or like this guy you can try your best to sneak some into the game.

With Euro 2016 starting today, fans all across Europe will be trying out different tricks to smuggle in their beloved Budweiser and avoid the high costs.

This video emerged on Reddit showing a dedicated football fan trying his best to sneak in some beverages:

The length this fan went to is bonkers, going far beyond just sneaking in one or two beers.

He tries his best to fit one, maybe even two, crates of beer underneath his clothing.

At first sight, it seems like it’s a couple of bottles in the inside pockets of his coat.

Instead, the security guard takes off the fan’s coat and discovers something very excessive… a beer vest!

The camo vest looks like it can store everything from lollipops to grenades, so of course it’s how the fan carried in his endless amounts of beer.

Considering this summer is packed full of sporting events and music festivals, security will definitely be raising their game.

There are numerous amounts of accessories to use in order to avoid that extortionate stadium price.

The beer belly is one of many ways to get your beer into a match without the stress of queuing up behind hundreds of pie-lovers.

Security wouldn’t want to feel your belly, so men or women could have a go at wearing this drinking bodysuit.

You’ll either look like a fond lover of beer or five months pregnant, it all depends on how dedicated you are to saving money and drinking more.