Spain and Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea has been linked to some serious allegations involving a pornographic film director.

An unnamed witness accused De Gea and director Ignacio Allende Fernandez, known as Torbe, of running a prostitution ring.

Torbe was arrested in April following numerous allegations linking him to child pornography, extortion, sexual exploitation and trafficking.

The witness told authorities that she was at a five-star penthouse in Madrid where she met two footballers and another woman in 2012.

The witness was ordered to do “whatever they wanted” or risk getting physically harmed.

The two footballers were reported to be Athetico Bilbao players and part of the Spain-U21 team. One of those players was Iker Munian and the other footballer is unnamed.

De Gea wasn’t part of the rape, but apparently arranged it with the witness alongside Torbe.

The witness did maintain contact with De Gea via WhatsApp to arrange a future meet up.

Spanish newspaper said investigators were treating the case with a “great deal of credibility” ruling out that money was her motivation.

David De Gea will be remaining with the Spain squad at the moment and may stay with them throughout the Euros.

The Mirror have managed to release the documents that state the names of those accused.

The police report reads: “The new girl and TP3 were sexually abused by the men, since if they had said no they were physically abused by both, and once finishing with the sexual desires of both footballers, they made threats that nothing that had occurred in the hotel room should ever come to light.

“Neither TP3 nor the other girl that was in the room received anything for the physical and sexual aggressions they encountered, with Torbe taking all the earnings.”

De Gea’s representatives and the Spanish FA have yet to comment.