Considering the longest fight can be just 36 minutes long, professional boxers get paid an awful lot of money to put their bodies on the line.

We’re not talking peanuts either, it’s millions of dollars up for grabs for the very top boxers, so you can understand why they risk their lives.

We’ve calculated the richest boxers of all time, we all know who is number one, but who make sup the top 20?

20. Juan Manuel Marquez – $20 Million


Juan Manuel Marquez is considered one of the most underrated boxers of all time – but people often forget about the time he knocked out Pacquiao in one hit, no count needed. Despite him slipping everyone’s memory, he still has a net worth of $20 million.

19. Carl Froch – $20 Million


Now retired Carl, only lost 2 fights in his career – one being to the undefeated Andrew Ward. The super middleweight boxer is also well known for proposing in the ring, and we’re pretty sure the ring would have been a rock because  Froch is worth a hot $20 million.