We all know there is nothing quite like having money in the bank, and in WWE having the briefcase gives you a title shot at any time.

Like all things in life we LOVE surprises so when we see a surprise cash in of the briefcase, we cheer whether the person cashing in is a heel or a face.

Here is a list of the top 16 Money In The Bank cash ins.


16. Damien Sandow

Damien Sandow

Poor Damien Sandow, no matter what WWE tried to do with him they couldn’t get it right.

When Damien won the Money In The Bank Briefcase in 2013 he immediately attacked John Cena and proceeded to then cash in the briefcase.

Unfortunately for Sandow he did not walk away with the championship, after he was pinned after the AA from Cena.

15. John Cena


John Cena, was the only other superstar to win Money In The Bank and, unsuccessfully cash in.

He cashed in on CM Punk on RAW’s 1000th episode in 2012.

Unfortunately Big Show cost him the chance at capturing the gold, attacking Cena and resulting in Punk retaining the title by disqualification.