In the WWE, winning a championship is by far the greatest achievement so you can understand why wrestlers are quick to gloat about it.

Championships and trophies look awesome customised, wrestlers like to do it so they can make it their own and stamp their authority.

Here is a list of the 15 best custom accessories we have seen in the WWE.


15. The Miz – ‘M’ WWE Title

the miz

Back when WWE had two separate championships, The Miz made the WWE Universe his own, flipping every ‘WWE’ sign upside-down to form an ‘M’.

14. Edge – ‘Rated R’ Custom MITB

Rated R

One of four men to customise their Money In The Bank briefcases, Edge made sure that everyone knew he held the briefcase, with a custom print to match.

With the ‘Rated R Superstar’ logo covering the front, it was a reminder opportunity lay in the hands of ‘The Ultimate Opportunist.’