A WWE wrestler’s costume is just as important as his/her catchphrase, finishing move or name, it completes the look.

Over the past three decades we have see some brilliant gimmick costumes that have undoubtedly made the wrestlers unforgettable.

We have chosen our 15 greatest wrestling costumes of all time, do you agree?


15. Conquistadors 


They were a duo in the late 80s in the WWE coming to the ring dressed in gold head to toe.

They may have been caked in gold but the only place they never saw gold was around their waists.

14. Doink The Clown

doink the clown

Clowns have always been a love or hate gimmick, you either laugh at them for their stupidity or you cover your eyes and cry in terror.

Doink The Clown, portrayed both, mainly known for his comedic acts of spraying his opponents with water and using comedic tricks but, when Doink was a villainous heel he carried a mean streak.