9. Killer Bees


B. Brian Blair and ‘Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell were wearing Black and Yellow before Whiz Khalifa made a song about it.

The Killer Bees were never tag team champions during their time in the WWE but their costume was something to behold a simple, yellow trunks with black stripes.

To complete the look they walked to the ring wearing matching black and yellow jackets, and in the ring to really try and one up their opponents they would wear black and yellow masks halfway through the match.

8.  The Legion Of Doom

legion of doom

One of the greatest wrestling tag teams of all time, The Legion Of Doom would storm to the ring wearing custom American football pads to make them look even tougher than they already were.

Their faceprint was intimidating as well, looking like die hard American Football fans you would hate to cross paths with on game day.