Motorbike Racing

motorbike racing

Motorbike racers have a 1 in 1000 chance of dying each time they race. The Isle of Mann TT race is particularly dangerous – there have been 270 deaths since 1910, 11 died in 2005 alone and 2 have died so far this year.

Outwith the Isle of Mann, there have been 120 recorded deaths in England, one of the safest countries on the circuit, since 1930.



There have been 13 fatalities since 1993 due to injuries sustained during MMA fights, with 5 in the last ten years alone. Furthermore, as MMA is a relatively new sport, the long term effects of fighting are unclear.

In April of this year, MMA hit the headlines after Joao Carvalho was beaten to death by Charlie Ward in an unregulated fight.