Behind the greatest tag teams and singles wrestlers, there is always a mastermind manager.

No matter how competitive or skilled you are, everyone can use a little guidance when performing at the top level.

Here is a list of 17 managers who have guided those stars to unbelievable success.


17. The Genius

the genius

The Genius was as devious as he was comedic, his best work came when he managed Mr. Perfect and the tag team The Beverly Brothers.

While he was managing Mr. Perfect, The Genius came up with a plan to steal Hulk Hogan’s WWE title which resulted in Mr. Perfect smashing it with a hammer.

16. Michael Hayes

michael hayes

Michael Hayes had the right mindset when it came to managing superstars, he was a part of the legendary Fabulous Freebirds alongside Terry Gordy and Buddy Rodgers in the 1980s.

Using his expertise from in ring competition he passed his knowledge to Matt and Jeff Hardy in the 90s.