13. Teddy Long


Long’s first clients as a manager were the team of Ron Simmons and Butch Reed in WCW, he lead them to a Tag Team title win over the Steiner Brothers.

When Long moved to the WWE  he managed a stable called Thuggin and Buggin Enterprises which had the likes of Mark Henry, DLo Brown, Christopher Nowkinski and Mark Jindrak to name a few.

Long knew the ins and out of wrestling and the difference between cheating and bending the rules.

12. Stephanie McMahon


It was an interesting transition for the WWE Universe to watch Stephanie go from daddy’s little girl to the manipulative Billion Dollar Princess.

During her babyface run she managed to get herself kidnapped by The Undertaker and later fall in love with Test but, it wasn’t until she entered a romance with Triple H that we say her become a totally different person.

As we saw a more aggressive side, as Stephanie wasn’t afraid to get in your face and belittle the hell out of you. We’ve seen her slap her own mother across the face, manage stars like Jericho and Angle, and most recently run the WWE with Triple H as The Authority.