WWE wrestlers get a lot of bad press for the fact the matches are scripted and faked.

Even though this may be the case, the risk of injury is very high as their moves are fast paced and dangerous.

Here is a list of 16 superstars who suffered injuries during their match (not scripted) but carried on until the end.


16. Bret Hart

Bret Hart

Starcade 1999, we saw Bret Hart defend the WCW Heavyweight title against Goldberg.

During the match Goldberg delivered a hard kick to the head which resulted in Bret suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome, even though he carried on this would be Hart’s final in ring match in WCW as he retired shortly after.

15. Brock Lesnar

brock lesnar f-5

During Smackdown’s title match at WrestleMania XIX between Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar, Lesnar performed a Shooting Star Press, a move of which he had performed many times in OVW Developmental.

Lesnar missed jumped the move and landed on his head, concussing himself, Angle then, improvised the ending of the match.