A professional wrestler’s costume is important for a number of reasons, completing a gimmick, merchandise and identity.

Some stars get their inspiration from films, comics or even sports teams with hilarious results.

Here are our top 15 wrestling costumes.


15. Disco Inferno – Saturday Night Fever

Disco inferno - SNF

Glen Gilbertti  known in WCW as Disco Inferno sported a John Travolta Saturday Night Fever look with puffed up hair, a white suit and dance moves to match.

14. Triple H РTerminator 

HHH - terminator

When it comes to WrestleMania, it is all about solidifying careers and making memories.

Superstars even have special entrances to wow the crowd that much more, at WrestleMania 31 to help hype the new Terminator movie, The King of Kings made his entrance dressed as a Terminator.