16. Hogan v Savage

hogan v savage

One of the greatest tag teams to never win the title, Hogan and Macho Man formed The Mega Powers as both men were huge fan favourites.

When the team exploded due to Savage accusing Hogan of ‘lusting’ of Miss Elizabeth, the two had a three match feud with Hogan winning all three.

15. E&C v Hardyz v Dudleyz

E&C V Hardyz V Dudleyz

Everyone needs a bit of TLC, it was these 6 men that helped define the TLC match.

E&C the master of the chairs, Hardyz daredevils with a ladder and The Dudleyz we all know what D-Von uses.

They had the most epic TLC matches in wrestling history, they not only defined TLC but tag team wrestling as a whole.