Javier Fernandez Franco unleashed an incredible 37 second goal shout when Columbia gave hosting nation USA a run for their money.

The third-place Copa America play-off between Columbia and USA finished at 1-0 with Carlos Bacca scoring the only goal in the 31st minute.

He was assisted by James Rodriguez’s beautifully executed pass, beating the USA defence.

South American commentary is well known for its goal shouts that last around 10 seconds.

Franco is known as “El Cantante del Goal” (“The Goal Singer”) and lives up to his name by belting out this record-breaking goal shout.

Franco doesn’t even take a breath with his celebratory opera, as Colombia reached their highest position in Copa America since finishing third in 2001.

The Goal Singer puts other commentators to shame.

Imagine if there were two or three goals; he would have no lungs left by the end of the game.