13. Roddy Piper

attends Marvel's screening of "Ant-Man" hosted by The Cinema Society and Audi at SVA Theater on July 13, 2015 in New York City.

His nickname says it all, Hot Rod, was bonkers. He would be calm, cool and collected one minute, the next he’s bashed you over the head with a Coconut and laughing while he does it. Hot Rod was the thorn in Hogan’s side during his rise to pop culture fame in the 80s.

Another master of the mind games, Piper would take full advantage of those he saw as vulnerable. His antics during the 80s were so jaw dropping that fans today are still shocked by his actions.

12. Raven

Scott Levy

Raven had a sadistic side to him as he made his rivalries intensify even more as Raven would add a splash for personal to his feuds.

For example, during his feud with The Sandman, he even got Sandman’s own son to denounce him as a dad, that same night he would crucify The Sandman. Raven was a true manipulator with a hardcore twist.