11. Sgt. Slaughter


Sgt. Slaughter has been loved and hated, sometimes at the same time. The Former Marine was vicious in the ring, during his feud with then WWE Champion Bob Backlund, Slaughter would abuse him in and out of the ring making Backlund’s life a misery.

He even turned his back on the USA and claimed to be an Iraqi Sympathiser, the time that The Gulf War was happening. It drew so much heat that, WrestleMania VII to ensure Slaughter’s safety changed locations.

10. Eric Bischoff

eric bischoff

Bischoff has been tagged with many words, many positive and some not so positive. He was a real visionary when he was president of WCW as he nearly won his rivalry with WWE in The Monday Night Wars.

As a member of the NWO, Bischoff had the power  to help the NWO  and he had no remorse for his actions.