In WWE a ‘Face’ refers to the good guys, the heroes, of the wrestling world.

They are always the most popular wrestlers on the circuit and almost always get their way as the promote success.

Being a Face is a brilliant gig as you are adored by fans and paid handsomely, here is a list of 15 of the best good guys in the WWE.


15. Miss Elizabeth


The First Lady in Professional Wrestling, Miss Elizabeth was so kind natured she couldn’t possibly turn heel.

She saw the best in everyone and would try and help whoever she could (Hogan and Macho Man).

It was her sweetness that made her such a fan favourite throughout the 1980s.

14. Mankind


Out of all three faces of Foley, the favourite was Mankind.

Originally a heel but, after he was taken advantage of by numerous superstars, he gained sympathy and sympathy lead to a fanbase.