We all know that top modern athletes are paid a fortune. Sometimes the amounts are so obscene that we struggle to see how they could even spend it. In fact, there’s so much money in the likes of soccer, American football, basketball and so on, that even the distinctly average players earn a bucket-load.

But who are worth the most? Here we count down the 16 best paid sports stars in the world, based on the figures for 2015.

16. Floyd Mayweather Jr, $44m

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather Jr isn’t nicknamed “Money” for no reason. The boxer earns a lot, and likes to spend it. For example, he reportedly spends $1000 per haircut, which he has done twice a week.

Mayweather has won 12 titles over 4 classes, and is undefeated as a professional. This has earned him a cool $32m in winnings and $12m in advertising revenue per year.

15. Tom Brady, $44.1m

Tom Brady

New England Patriots quarter-back Brady is one of the football icons of his era. The 38-year-old has broken records throughout his illustrious career. He also managed to bag a supermodel in the process!

Mr Gisele B√ľndchen has $36.1m in earnings and $8m in endorsements to his name.