Eduardo de Silva, 2008

Eduardo de Silva




















In February 2008, during a match between Birmingham City and Arsenal, the Blues’ defender Martin Taylor broke Eduardo’s fibula and dislocated his left ankle in a robust challenge on the Croatian international. Cesc Fabregas burst into tears, and other players were sick, such was the extent of Eduardo’s injury.

The incident had a lasting effect on the Arsenal players. Not only did they fail to secure the win against City, missing a penalty in the process, their season unraveled dramatically following the incident, and they conceded the league to Manchester United.

Eric LeGrand, 2010

eric legrand













In October 2010, aged just 20, Eric LeGrand, a defensive tackle for Rutgers University, suffered a severe spinal injury in a collison with an Army Black Knights ball carrier. He was carried off the pitch unable to move.

Doctors discovered that LeGrand was paralyzed from the neck down, and he has been unable to walk since.