The advent of Euro 2016 has reminded us, yet again, that soccer players love a terrible haircut. We’ve seen Paul Pogba with a cockerel shaved into his head, Marek Hamsik’s ‘finger stuck in a electric socket’ effort and Domagoj Vida’s undercut ponytail thing, among many other monstrosities.

But what are the worst haircuts in soccer history? Which hairdos rightfully go down in the pantheon of bad barnets? Here we give you the low-down…

Rudi Voller

Rudi Voller
















Great player, terrible hair. Voller’s poodle mop has become an iconic symbol of late 80’s/early 90’s football. Who can forget the image of Frank Rijkaard spitting in Voller’s hair after the pair were sent off at World Cup Italia ’90?

“Herr” Voller (sorry) now sports a much more sensible haircut.

Barry Venison

barry venison

Although Venison was an England international with over 400 appearances for the likes of Sunderland, Liverpool and Newcastle, poor Barry is only really remembered for his astonishing mullet.

Like Samson, Venison’s powers seemed to wane when he lost his curls; his career petered out once he switched to a more modest hairstyle.