Cesc Fabregas Circa 2004

Cesc Fabregas













When Cesc Fabregas broke into the Arsenal team back in 2004, he took the Premier League by storm. But not just for his ability. The young Cesc was also sporting a mullet more at home in a 1980s Duran Duran video than on a 21st Century football field.

We’ll put it down to youthful indiscretion. As Fabregas matured as a player, his hair became more sophisticated.

Ronaldo World Cup 2002


The 2002 World Cup win was Ronaldo’s comeback. After whatever happened happened at the final in Paris four years previously, Brazil’s talisman drove his country to glory in Japan and South Korea, picking up a golden boot in the process.

However, this feat was ever-so slightly marred by this horrific Armadillo-inspired number.