Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s most eligible bachelors so, it is unsurprising that he has had his fair share of stunning girlfriends.

Despite being a football legend and a loving, caring father to his six-year-old son, when it comes to long lasting love Ronaldo doesn’t seem to have cracked the code to success.

However, it appears as though until he finds ‘the one’ he is willing to seek out the world’s most jaw-dropping women and wine and dine them.

Here are the women lucky enough to have dated Portugal’s number one goal scorer.

Melanie Martins

Melanie Martins

Portuguese-French model Melanie Martins caught the attention of Cristiano Ronaldo after being a finalist in a Miss Universe competition.

Ronaldo reportedly jetted Martins out to various dates across the world, frequently flying to Morocco and the pair’s home country of Portugal in late 2015.